Ukraine needs your support more than ever

Late-winter, Russia invaded Ukraine. Against all odds, Ukrainians are fighting back, defending their country and the world from the tyranny of the world’s largest country.
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volunteers across the country who help people and their pets


spent on helping Ukraine and Ukrainians


people got together to organise our volunteering team and help Ukraine

About us

Our organisation does not use donations to buy weapons. Our mission is only to supply humanitarian aid in order to help save the lives of Ukrainians. We buy food, medicine, tech supplies, petrol, specialised medical equipment, protective clothing and do our best to deliver it where needed.
We are people who united in order to help in the time of war: IT and digital specialists, athletes, doctors, drivers, social workers, and others who can’t stand aside.

Now we work in several areas

Ukrainian army
Clothes, food, medicine, laptops, phones, specialised medical equipment for reabilitation.
Refugees from Mariupol and Eastern Ukraine
Food, hygiene products, household appliances.
Kyiv / Kyiv region cities and villages
Food for civilians, medicine, petrol for volunteers, food for animals, new home for abandoned animals.
Food for civilians, clothes, blankets, medicine, petrol for volunteers, food for animals.
Food for animals.

How can you help Ukraine?

Share the information about our team in social media
Follow us to see the reports and upcoming fundrasing campaigns
When you donate, you help the work for the sake of peace not only in Ukraine but also in the whole world. We are real Ukrainians that gathered together to help others during this war. Any donation to this account will be used to purchase supplies for Ukrainians in need.

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